About Us

Aloha! My name is Donnie Arnoult and I am the owner of Go Cycling Maui.

My passion and experience with the bicycle goes back to 1969 when I started riding my Schwinn stingray without training wheels.  

Donne ArnaultI also began riding a motorcycle soon after the training wheels came off my bike.  So, I have always had a passion with two wheeled vehicles.  I raced motocross, and some BMX from 1973 until 1983.  Then 1985 I began racing on the road bicycle.  The motivation to bicycle race grew quickly, and shortly after I began road racing I found track, and mountain bike racing to be just as exciting.  

I continued racing in all three disciplines until the end of 1990.  Then I took a break from racing for a few years, but continued to ride to maintain my fitness.  I started racing the mountain bike again in 1994 and the road in 1995.  

Also, in 1995 I began to promote cycling and running events in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In 1997 I started an elite cycling team, and was the team Director Sportif for three years.

I found that I really enjoyed promoting the sport of cycling through events and the team.  

Then at the end of 1999 I decided to make the move to Maui and stopped promoting events, and let the team dissolve.  

Once I was settled in Maui I began riding the bike more than ever.  I found that riding in this fascinating place inspired me to get out on the bike and explore the island.  This led me to the concept for Go Cycling Maui.  

My goal is to have other cyclist  come to Maui on vacation and experience what I get to do daily.  It is now 2016, and Go cycling Maui is going on 14 years.  

I hope you can join me for a ride someday!  I truly believe this will be the best cycling experience of your life!

Thank you for your interest in my company.