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March 18, 2013
Donnie, Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the ride to Julia's banana bread shop. The last couple of years I've done the Kula ride (which is still my favorite), but the Julia ride was also a nice ride to see a less-traveled part of Maui. The climbing was great, the views spectacular, and the food at Julia's was fantastic. As always, we were treated like kings. I always look forward to our visit to Maui, and your rides have become an integral part of my vacation. Can't wait til next year. Let me know when you're back in Texas and we'll go for a south central Texas ride. Mahalo,

June 16, 2012
Hi Donnie - It was a great ride yesterday, great support and a really nice bunch of guys. I appreciated the company and the encouragement along the way. One request, could you e-mail me the photos that were taken of the five of us that made the summit? Many thanks and I will be sure to pass on information about your organized rides and your store. All the very best and thanks again for a wonderful experience

March 16, 2012

Hi Donnie - Linda and I just wanted to say thanks for 2 days of fantastic riding. A great balance of enjoying incredible scenery and a good challenge. John looked after us extremely well. We will definitely be in again next time we are in Maui. I suspect you will see a few more riders from Kelowna. Thanks again.
Frank and Linda


March 9, 2012
Hi Donnie - Just wanted to say thanks again for the hospitality provided by Maui Cyclery this week. Even though I wasn't able to get to the top, the trip was fun and your shop was excellent. I am considering another try the last week of Oct. Would you anticipate better weather then? Cold I can handle, but high winds on descents not so much! Any particular hotel you can recommend? Maybe I'll give myself a couple buffer days this time.


January 1, 2012
Hi Donnie - Many thanks for the awesome ride on Thursday to Molikai. It was a great ride and incredible opportunity to see this remote island. I grabbed the 2 water bottles from my bike thinking my husband would need them. As you know he never made the climb to Haleakala and I wanted to return the bottles to you. Riding here was a wonderful experience and a great way to see the islands. Thanks again.


28 October, 2011
Hi Donnie - Just wanted to say thanks for a great time while we were in Maui. I could not have been more impressed with your shop, your crew, and the whole experience riding up Haleakala. We were both very nervous about the ride, but your team helped make it an unforgettable experience. I will recommend you guys to any fellow cyclists I know who will be visiting. Mahalo!


18 October, 2011
Hi Donnie - I rented your Scott on 10/2 and rode up Haleakala. It was a great day and I had a really good time. It was as you already know, an epic ride and very difficult. I am a 65 year old Cat 4 rider from Colorado. I consider this on par with Colorado's famous Tripple By-Pass that is held annually. That is also 10,000 feet of climbing but it is over 121 miles and 3 mountain passes. I have already recommended this ride to other cycling friends some of whom might be coming to Maui. My Daughter and Step-Daughter also purchased the Cycle to the Sun kit for me that I have already worn on our weekly Club ride here in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I will certainly direct anyone I can to your shop.
Bruce Pfabe


12 July, 2011
Hi Donnie - Just a note to express Steve's and my satisfaction with your guided ride up Haleakala.
I've put most of it in the next paragraph, which you can feel free to use as a testimonial if you wish. Best of luck on your Cycle to the Sun event. I promise to place the posters you gave me in appropriate shops of the East Bay.
I went up Haleakala on the guided ride of Go Cycling Maui while on a family vacation. I could of just rented a bike and figured out the rout myself, but I wouldn't of made it even half way up. I started cramping less then 100 yards into the ride. With the patient and expert care of my Go Cycling Maui guides, I was able to work through my cramps, which had spread to both legs, by mid ride, and finished the hill in very comfortable form. If not for the excellent electrolytes my guides kept feeding me, I would of had no choice but to abandon the ride. Even without that problem, I consider the the Go Cycling Maui program a bargain, and would recommend it to all.
Bill Cooper


27 February, 2011
Hi Donnie - I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the great service provided by yourself and your crew as e rented two road bikes for our we stay in your beautiful Maui. You went above and beyond in terms of service appointments. Thanks again for the kindness extended to us.
Bob and Tammy Carol


17 February, 2011
Hi Donnie - I just want to write a short note thank you so much for the rides and rental and the great service you guys provide. See ya again next year. We had a great ride up the volcano. Perfect weather. Mahalo,


16 June, 2010
Hi Donnie - Thank you again for the hospitality during the ride today. It was an amazing ride and I will be back! ( probably with a group riding bodies.) I will not be able to join you guys on Thursday, however. Again, thank you for a great morning. Geaux Tigers,
Chris, Interstate Batteries


7 March, 2010
Hi Donnie - Just wanted to write you a short note of thanks. Jennifer and I really enjoyed the ride. Wish I had been in better form, but alas, it has been a winter here and well…. I love to peak about June and put on all those boys that  train real fierce in the off-season
It was so cool to get Jen on a bike also. I thought at first she was just doing it for me, but think she really truly liked it.
Our best to you, Mahalo,

Go Cycling Maui Tours10 January, 2010
Hi Donnie - Thanks so much for two unforgettable rides. I have referred you to my friend Michael who has a place in Makena.
Michael Evans, President
Atlas Development Corporation

19 October, 2009

Hi Donnie - Many many thanks for a great 4 days opf riding. I'm especially grateful for the help you gave me on the way to Hana last Thursday ( yes I now know about keeping my electrolyte levels good!!!) and for the many times you pushed my body up the Hills. It was a fantastic week and I can't wait to come back. I hope to return again next Fall, if not sooner. Thanks again for everything. When you have the jerseys to send this way let me know. I would still like to buy one.
Dean Don


23 December 2009
Hi Donnie - Just want to say thanks again for the great service you and your staff offered myself last Thursday with a Litespeed rental for the day so I can ride to fabled Haleakala. It was my most memorable experience on the trip (perhaps not for my family though) and has given me some bragging rights to my club mates back home here in Vancouver. Even though I came nowhere near matching Ryder Hesjedal's time. The attitude from your shop was no nonsense, laid back, and professional unlike another another shop I visited on the island prior to coming to yours. See you again on my next trip to Hawaii, perhaps this time I will take you up on your ride on the highway. Have a Merry Christmas Donnie,
Robert Thompson


May 6, 2008
Hi Donnie - I just got back into my office and wanted to let you know that I had an AMAZING TIME riding with you and your guides You gave me some great insights to my own riding habits (I'll remember to not go race horse speed when I first roll out) and great suggestions on performance. THANK YOU so much for some great rides.
Hope to be there again soon! Mahalo!
Skypp Cabanas

11March, 2008
Hi Donnie - Thanks so much for having the team put out the red carpet. And boy, oh boy, do they know how to put out the red carpet! Each person we met was just sensational. VIP treatment perfected!
David Clayton Cole

6 May, 2008
Hi Donnie - Thank you again for a fun bike ride. It was great to be out on the bike in Maui. I have told all my friends about it. Emily and I really enjoyed ourselves. The views were great and soaking in the Maui air on the bike was even better. Next time we are coming to Maui, …we will have to hook up again.
Jan Weissenberger

24 April 2008
Hi Donnie - Just want to drop you a not to say thanks for the great riding in Maui. I really enjoyed all three days.
Hope to see you again next year.
Paul Zackin

2 April, 2008
Hi Donnie - Thanks for the great service. I will definitely call next year when we come to Maui to schedule more rides.
Mark and Nancy May

12 January, 2008
…My husband and I were in Maui over Thanksgiving and joined you for another great ride.
We always talk about our next trip to Maui.
Thanks very much!
Joanne Serina

26 December, 2007
Abby and I had a blast with your crew when we were in Maui. The ride to Keanae was the unanimous highlight of our trip and the company and equipment/gear (banana bread included) was top of the line!
Justin Calvo

26 September 2007
I wanted to thank you again for a couple of great rides you put together for me, particularly the crater climb, which was a real confidence-builder for me and fun!

I will definitely contact you again for rentals/rides next time I'm in Maui and will recommend your outfit to others.
Carl Fornaris

21 August, 2007
My ride up Haleakala was unbelievable and I can't imagine ever tipping it. The ride back down was just as intense and the view from the top is so surreal. I've been telling all my friends in San Diego about my ride and your company. Many Thanks.
Garet Heintz

23 July, 2007
Back in Montreal for a month, and thanks to you and your team, I have re-discovered biking.
Thanks again for a fabulous Maui experience and for being so 'kind' on my bike rental- you guys made my Maui experience something I want to repeat next year!
Heather Johnston

20 August, 2007
Just a note of thanks for organizing the ride today. …everything was very well organized and provided valuable support. It was a delight to have a virtually personal sag wagon well stocked with water, drink mix, snacks, suntan lotion and etc. When I return to Maui, I will definitely plan more time on the bike.
Craig Mosley

Fellow Cyclists,
If any of you have any vacation plans for Maui, I have what I think is a great suggestion . . .!

As some of you may recall when we published our goals, I said that I wanted to ride up Mt. Haleakala on Maui. John Wright responded to me letting me know about a new company called Go Cycling Maui run by Donnie Arnoult, a former pro-racer, as an alternative to bringing my own cycle. Donnie provides 7 island rides, including climbing Mt. Haleakala. He focuses on the avid cyclist who rides an average of 100 miles+ per week. Unlike other tours that provide low quality equipment geared for inexperienced riders, Donnie provides high quality LiteSpeed cycles outfitted with Ultegra doubles and triples. He also provides helmets, shorts, jerseys shoes, pedals, gloves, vests, jackets - literally everything if you need it - AND even has a SAG van follow you with food, drinks, etc on each ride!

I had a chance to do 3 of his rides - one on the north side (road to Hana), one on the south side (overlooking the ocean from 3,000 ft), and the ride up the mountain. Every ride was fantastic and exceeded my expectations ! In addition to the beautiful views, I had a chance to ride with Josh Frick (top cyclist on Maui) and Tom Doughty (US Olympic cyclist from 1980 and 1984 teams) as well as a few other elite cyclists who gave me a few pointers - Donnie certainly attracts quality riders. In fact, Lance came over a few weeks earlier to ride with Donnie and a few other cyclists.

As for the ride up the mountain, it was tremendous ! If you like to climb, this one is great - believed to be the longest single ascent on earth (36 miles of continuous climbing from sea level to 10,023 feet) ! And needless to say, once you accomplish this goal, the descent is also fantastic - we literally had 25 miles of open mountain before reaching the lower towns (all the tours and tourist had pretty much deserted the mountain by mid-afternoon).
If anyone wants any more info, including a few pictures, let me know or check out Donnie's web site above (note: I have no vested stake in Donnie's success - just trying to pass on info about a great experience). And for those interested in racing up the mountain versus just riding up it, they actually have an annual race "Cycle to the Sun"

Hauoli Makahikihou (Happy New Year in Hawaiian)!
Bob Machlin